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Meet Our Provider

Kenisha comes from humble beginnings and is no stranger to sacrifice or hard work.  Drawing back from her own experiences; growing up in the inner city, lacking parental guidance, and suffering from depression and anxiety;

She rose above the challenges she faced in her life and decided that she would not give up or allow the opinions and judgments of others to determine her destiny.  Kenisha inspired ever since to make a difference and help people live their best lives.  She realized most people receive pseudo-transformation and not true mind-body transformation.  She understands and feels passionate about providing high-quality mental health care.  As a result, she decided to start her wellness practice that integrates both traditional and holistic quality care with life-long effects.


She has worked in the health care field for almost two decades and has cared for patients from all walks of life.  She managed and treated patients with a variety of diseases and conditions.  She is currently working as a family, and psychiatric nurse practitioner, transformational coach, content writer for nursing continued education courses, and consultant. ​She possesses a plethora of experience, education, and wisdom with a history of helping people achieve long-lasting results.  In addition, she has acquired other professional certificates to further her healthcare education and personal growth.  Although this list is not all exclusive, here are some additional training she has obtained:

Crystal Healing~Addiction Treatment~Aromatherapy~ Weight Management~Emotional Intelligence ~Anti-Aging~Smoking Cessation~Functional Nutrition, and ~Stock & Real Estate Investing

Kenisha is a life-long learner in her personal and professional life and currently working towards her Doctorate, Ph.D., and Reiki certification.  During her spare time, she enjoys reading, cruising, traveling, going to the spa, spending time with her children and two fur babies - an English Bulldog & Shih Tzu.  

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